What We Provide

We offer an initial no obligation meeting for all architectural projects. At this meeting we will discuss the project and your expectations. We will also talk about your spatial requirements and how you will use the building, discuss preferred building materials and your building budget. 

Following this meeting we will provide you with a detailed fee proposal which is broken down into the costs for the various stages of the project.

Typical stages include:

  • Concept Design – Conceptual drawings are prepared for you and will demonstrate how we have taken on board your ideas and requirements as discussed during our meeting, and created the beginnings of a buildable form .
  • We will leave this with you to consider and you are welcome to make any changes until you are satisfied the concept meets your needs.
  • Developed Design – The approved concept design is d fine tuned and finer details such as dimensions, materials and window sizes etc are confirmed. A 3D computer model is also generated at this point allowing you to see how the design will work for you. We can also provide accurate sun path animations so you can see where sun and shade will appear for any time of day and year, on your site.
  • Working Drawings – Drawings and specifications are completed to a stage where your building consent can be applied for and the building work can be priced.
  • Tendering and Contract Administration – If you would like us to issue drawings and tender documents to various building contractors for pricing we can arrange this. We would set a tender submission date and then analyse them, in order to assist you to select a building contractor for your project.
    We can make the building process less stressful by administering your contract. A contract is signed between yourself and the contractor which we administer and regular site meetings are scheduled to monitor progress and allow us to deal with any previously unforeseeable situations or changes, provide any additional details as they are required and ensure your building is built as per our details and drawings. We also certify payments to ensure you are only paying for work completed and handle any claims for extra costs or time extensions that may occur.

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