Landscape Design

Style, Vision, Light, Structure, Form

Interesting, and thought provoking words don’t you think?

As a designer these are forefront in my mind whenever I am shown a new project. Each new site is an exciting challenge, and every client I work with has different likes, loves, and dislikes.

Being a good designer is about having the vision, and the experience to create your landscape design, but most importantly designers need to listen to our clients, and create a garden for them – to facilitate their vision, while ensuring that the landscaping enhances and compliments their house design, as well addressing practical issues such as privacy, environment and accessibility.

With this in mind, my design process is to have an initial onsite consultation with you, then provide you with a written brief document outlining our discussions for clarification, as well as providing plant types, and landscaping finishes, and style for your consideration. Once I have your feedback, I can create a concept design sketch – hand drawn of your site.

We then sit down together and discuss this, making any changes. From this I can create a detailed landscape plan for pricing, and for a landscaping crew to work off. I can arrange quotes for you, recommend trades, and project manage your landscaping.

You may not need a detailed planting plan, and may simply need an onsite consultation with ‘brief”. This is sometimes the case especially if clients have an existing garden that needs inspiration, or has some problem areas.

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